Images, Scandal, and Communication Strategies of the Clinton Presidency

by Robert E. Denton, Jr., ed. and Rachel L. Holloway, ed.


Examines the communication strategies used in the Clinton administration.

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April 2003


Pages 360
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Politics, Law, and Government/Presidential Studies
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Denton, Holloway, and their contributors present analyses of communication strategies used in the Clinton administration, with a special focus on President Clinton's responses to the Lewinsky scandal and impeachment.

Chapters explore the Clinton administration's attempts to control his image through rhetorical and media strategies, his appeal to women voters, the changing image of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Clinton's discourse on race. The second half of the book focuses on Clinton's responses to the Lewinsky scandal, media coverage and polling during the scandal, and Clinton's impact on the symbolic nature of the American presidency. This book will be of particular interest to scholars, students, and other researchers involved with communication, political science, political sociology, political communication, and scandal.

Table of Contents

Series ForewordPrefaceThe Political Image Management Dynamics of President Bill Clinton by Kenneth Hacker, Maury Giles, and Aja GuerreroClinton's Public Relations Nightmares Begin by John C. TedescoClinton's Televised Town Meetings as a Political Strategy: The Illusion of Control by Rachel L. HollowayBehind Their Skirts: Clinton and Women Voters by Mary Christine Banwart and Lynda Lee KaidFrom First Lady to United States Senator: The Role and Power of Image in the Transmogrifying of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Judith S. Trant and Cady Short-ThompsonSeven Lessons from President Clinton's Race Initiative: A Post-Mortem on the Politics of Desire by Pat Sullivan and Steve GoldwigBill Clinton in Rhetorical Crisis: The Six Stages of Scandal and Impeachment by Craig Allen SmithResurrecting the Clinton Presidency: A Linguistic Profile by Roderick Hart and J. Kanan SawyerClinton's Rhetoric Contrition by Ronald Lee and Matthew H. BartonThe Framing of Network News Coverage During the First Three Months of the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal by Kate M. KenskiThe Rhetoric of Presidential Approval: Media Polling and the White House Intern Scandal by J. Michael HoganWilliam Jefferson Clinton and the Symbolic Dimensions of the American Presidency: Issues of Character and Public Trust by Robert E. Denton Jr.Selected BibliographyIndex



Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars of political communication and rhetoric.—Choice

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