Boomers 3.0

Marketing to Baby Boomers in Their Third Act of Life

by Lawrence R. Samuel


Baby boomers are still key to the U.S. domestic economy and marketplace despite this demographic's advancing age, due to their collective wealth and propensity to consume.

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July 2017


Pages 186
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Marketing, Advertising and Sales

Capitalizing on what is arguably the most important social phenomenon of our time and place—the aging of America—this book shows organizations how to market specifically to baby boomers in their third act of life.

The graying of America is undeniable, with an estimated 10,000 boomers turning 65 every day. But to dismiss the baby boomer generation as a group no longer worth marketing to would be foolish. According to the Census Bureau, in 2029—the year when the last boomer will have turned 65—there will still be more than 61 million boomers, roughly 17 percent of the projected population of the United States. Boomers will still be the wealthiest generation in the United States until at least 2030, according to the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, with their share of net household wealth to peak at 50.2 percent by 2020.

Boomers 3.0: Marketing to Baby Boomers in Their Third Act of Life describes how to market to baby boomers from a cultural perspective, specifically addressing the demographic group of baby boomers in their later adulthood—a period that will continue for the next two to three decades. The author uses the term "3.0" to indicate the baby boomers' third phase of life and explains how this third act of life will differ from earlier periods; accordingly, organizations should take a different approach to marketing to them than in the past. This book offers a way to contextualize business objectives within a culturally based, forward-thinking framework that fully leverages the opportunities presented by what is perhaps the biggest and most affluent customer base in history. Readers will be able to use the strategies described to map territories to stake and mine in targeting boomers, create meaningful relationships with individuals in this group, and communicate effectively with boomers to offer them products and services.


  • Identifies the 10 core values of the older middle class (cognitively healthy baby boomers age 52–80) that guide their attitudes and behavior and serve as cultural indicators of how they are likely to spend their time and money in the future
  • Explains how the unique core values and "passion points" of baby boomers fuel their consumer behavior
  • Offers a unique, intelligent, and forward-thinking cultural analysis
  • Outlines many ways readers can capitalize on the information presented and act on real business opportunities
Author Info

Lawrence R. Samuel, PhD, is founder of Boomers 3.0, a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations create meaningful relationships with baby boomers in their third act of life. Called "the Margaret Mead of plutocrats" by, Samuel has been a leading culture consultant to Fortune 500 companies and major advertising agencies since 1990. As one of the top trend consultants in the country, he advised a Who's Who of Fortune 500 companies and blue-chip ad agencies across a wide variety of industries and categories. A baby boomer himself, Samuel is a blogger for Psychology Today. He is the author of many books, including The Future Ain't What It Used to Be: The 40 Cultural Trends Transforming Your Job, Your Life, Your World and Rich: The Rise and Fall of American Wealth Culture. He holds a doctorate in American studies from the University of Minnesota.



“What can we expect from a generation who introduced themselves to the world by igniting America’s greatest cultural revolution only to follow it up with record-setting consumerism and unprecedented levels of wealth accumulation? Larry Samuel answers this $30 trillion question with the keen cultural insight of a social scientist and the clear-cut direction of a practiced business strategist.”—Tom LaForge, Founder of MACROFORCES INC. and Former Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights for The Coca-Cola Company

“Our go-to cultural historian of marketplace pragmatics has written a guide that will enlighten consumers, managers, and public policy makers alike. His chronicle of boomers’ defiant confrontation of ageism is empirical in character and lyrical in scope. The observations charted and opportunities identified in this book will hearten a generation disinclined to go gentle into prescribed senescence.”—John F. Sherry Jr., Herrick Professor of Marketing, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame

“While millennials and Gen Z are ‘au courant’ to most marketers, baby boomers are entering what Larry Samuel describes as ‘their third act.’ This extremely compelling book provides leaders and organizations with a contemporary roadmap to understand the ‘Me Generation’ in an entirely new light.”
—John Gerzema, CEO, Harris Insights/The Harris Poll and Coauthor of the New York Times Best-Seller The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future

“When most marketers are freaking out over how to connect with millennials, Larry Samuel reminds us not to ignore or forget the significance, strength, and clout of the baby boomer generation.”—Steve Wehrenberg, Teaching Professor, University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Former CEO, Campbell Mithun Advertising

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